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Filament Games

2017 | UI/UX Design

overview | wireframes | mockups


In early Fall 2017, I was contracted by Filament Games to design the UI for a game-based training program. In preparation for working on the interface, the lead designer and I engaged in rigorous user research and authored surveys directed towards our target audience (instructors and students).

We ultimately chose to frame the training program as a city building game. As the student accomplished certain objectives, more of the city unlocked and their small town would evolve into a sprawling metropolis. Much to our delight, Filament’s client was incredibly excited by this proposal.

After accepting a job offer from Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, I worked with Filament to wrap up my involvement with the project.


Only a small amount of material related to the project can be shared and the Filament’s client has been anonymized.

Tools: Balsamiq, Illustrator, Photoshop


The work below is from early in the discovery phase and does not represent the final product. The background city is from Anton Moek’s Low Poly City Pack 3.