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Hive Media Group

2018 - 2019 | Project Management and UI/UX Design


After the the layoffs and subsequent closure of Bartlet Jones, I transitioned away from the professional game development industry and joined Hive Media, a publishing and ad tech company.

I assumed different roles and responisbilities during my time at Hive, transitioning seamlessly between them as the needs of the engineering team changed. While I primarily helped with project management and coordination, I also became involved with UI/UX design, tools engineering, writing and maintaining data collection scripts, and QA testing. One of my most significant contributions came from helping coordinate development of SWARM, Hive Media's in-house CMS.

With SWARM, I helped manage the roadmap with key stakeholders, assisted in prioritizing tasks for each sprint, mapped out the UI/UX design for certain elements of the experience, and regularly tested new features and critical fixes. I also wrote extensive documentation about the platform, demonstrated it to external partners, and even worked closely with the engineers and designers to coordinate quarterly UI/UX interviews to ensure SWARM met the needs of its users.

Because my UI contributions to SWARM are still present in its current iteration, I cannot share any wireframes or mockups for the time being.